Methods & Benefits of Backlink Building for Offsite SEO

It is important if you are planning to build up your website and make the webpages rank more effectively to keep in mind how the backlinks to your website reflect on your webpages SEO. For those who are unfamiliar, backlinks are links that are on other websites that go to your website or to a page on your website. There are many different kinds of backlinks and what kinds of backlinks to your website are used can have a major impact on how your website will rank, as well as the number of backlinks there are in general. Here are a few examples of some types of backlinks:

– Link from a blog post or article online relevant to the topic of the webpage.

– Link on a video online (such as on YouTube)

– Link from a social media post (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

– Link on social bookmarking Site

– Link on article directory

– Paid back links

Something to keep in mind when making backlinks is that Google’s algorithms mostly take into account the context of the backlink as it relates to webpage the link is from and where it is going to. Writing an article on a topic related to a website or webpage and related to a keyword you are hoping to use can be an especially important type of link that will make your websites authority on a topic much better and thus it will rank higher in related keywords. As well how often an article, blog post or social media post is shared can make your webpage also rank higher and work well with the SEO.

Keep in mind that some backlinks (and backlink strategies) can result in your website or webpage being penalized and might result in your webpage or website no longer ranking on Google. In order to avoid this, one should bear in mind how Google’s algorithms work. Google’s algorithms for example are able to tell contextually whether or not the backlink makes sense in the context of going from one site to another whether the link makes sense. If you post a comment on a cooking blog to your tech blog where the comment and the link have little to do with the post that was being commented on this can hurt your SEO. Similarly, if you use the same comment on a large array of posts and articles with a backlink (spamming) then this can also cause your SEO to go down. Again it is important to remember the context and authority of the links. Quality over quantity.

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