Building A Keyword Strategy for Google AdWords

A keyword strategy is formulated for keyword ads online, which allows for a company’s ad to be displayed at the top of search engine results when a particular keyword or phrase is searched for. To build a keyword strategy for Google AdWords it is important to bear in mind how Google AdWords works. Start out by creating a Google AdWords account and then create an ad campaign (you don’t need to put any money into an ad campaign by simply creating a fake one). Once this is out of the way, you next need to go into Google AdWords and choose the Keyword Planner.

Once here, click “Get search volume data and trends” and several options will appear to allowing you to input keywords or phrases, targeting for location and website, date range, and negative keywords. If you input a keyword that you have an interest in targeting or finding related keywords of write it out in the “Enter keywords” section. Be sure to include additional information if you want to clarify for any of the previously mentioned options. Once you do so click on “Get search volume” and a list will show up stating the volume of searches on average per month as well as the level of competitiveness and the suggested bid amount for that term, as well as other keywords or phrases that are related to the one originally chosen.

It is important to note what competitiveness and the suggested bid amount mean and how you can use them. Competitiveness is the relative amount of advertisers who are using that particular keyword and will show as low, medium, and high. Generally speaking, if a keyword or phrase has lower-level competitiveness then it has a greater chance that your ad will show up and not be out bid by another advertiser. Suggested bid refers to the cost-per-click that a customer might have to pay based on that keyword with other bids on that keyword taken into account. Getting a keyword that has a lower suggested bid can be advantageous as it had the potential to save the customer money.

When creating a keyword strategy it can be advantageous to find various keywords that are related to the product or service being sold or the customer segment being targeted. This is where the ability to see related keywords can play an important role as it allows for the user to see other keywords they may not have thought of and see how those perform. From here it can be advantageous to compile the best performing search terms (based on a combination of suggested bid, average monthly search volume, competitiveness, and location if necessary). From here make your choices as to which terms will be best.

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