Demographic Targeting Using Google Adwords

It is important when creating an online campaign through Google AdWords whether it be Display or Search to consider how you want to segment the consumers of the products or services being advertised. From here it is possible with AdWords to advertise to people based on their demographic information, thus allowing for proper segmentation of your potential customer base through AdWords itself.

The demographic information on which Google bases its segmentation can be determined one of several ways. The first is to simply look at the information of a customer in their google account (which includes age, gender, location, etc.) and use this as a measure of what one’s demographics are. The second (if the google account doesn’t have demographic information) it can look at demographic information provided in the profiles of people’s various social media profiles and use this information to segment customers. Lastly, it can also use the browsing history and behaviors of a user to make certain statements about someone’s likelihood to be in one demographic group or another (Google, n.d.).

It is important to note the importance of choosing several different demographic groups in different categories to effectively create a better idea of what your customer base is like and how you can best describe them to target them. This way you avoid things like having your ad play to a group of people who are somewhat similar to the ideal demographic traits for your product or service, but have several key differences that make them less relevant as potential customers. This can mean the difference between buying less advertising that is more effectively targeted and more advertising that will reach plenty of people who have absolutely no interest in your product or service.

Once you have figured out who it is that you are targeting your ads at it is important to note that your ad make the most sense in appealing to that demographic group to ensure that your ads have the most impact. Be sure to keep in mind the difference that Display, Search & Mobile can play in how those ads reach different groups and demographics.



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